Tattoo Reality

Why we recommend certain sizing, colors, and placements. Also why we try to steer clear of others! We aren't meanies, we just want you to love your tattoo!

*Note these aren't my tattoos or tattoos I've done, just a compilation of examples*


Hands Feet n' Fingers

These are some of the most fickle placements out there, when we give you reccomendations or deter you from tattooing these areas know that this is why. They fade faster than any other body part, and require constant retouching. If you get a piece in these areas you're signing on for many touch ups over your lifetime. Choose wisely!


Teeny Weeny Details

Micro tattoos and microscopic fonts, as well as hyper detailed portraits and flowers.  Details are always awesome in a tattoo, but unfortunately your skin is not a static surface, as a result tattoos with too much cram packed detail blur, meld together, and fade overtime, especially if done too small.