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Welcome to Black Jackalope Studio!

Welcome to Black Jackalope Studio!

We are a private, woman owned srtudio located in the heart of Midtown in Paducah Kentucky. Our studio is comfy, quiet, and always excited to bring your ideas to life! 

Studio is owned and operated by Rachel Alford, and kept running smooth by our studio manager Hannah Ratliff! Guest artists pop in and out of studio in addition to resident artists so be sure to keep an eye out for fun new faces!

About us!

Rachel Alford opened Black Jackalope Studio opened in the Fall of 2023 after having the privilege to work alongside many talented artists at previous shops both local and beyond. Her hopes are to continue to bring new ideas into Paducah through Black Jackalope.

Each of us is passionate about art and tattoos, and we love to share in the creative process with our clients! Whether it be a pre-existing design from our artists, or creating and collaborating on the custom tattoo you always dreamed of, we'll be there to make sure its just what you imagined.

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone leaves with a comfortable and personalized tattoo experience. 

Everyone shoiuld feel at ease in their studio! (Even if the tattoos can get a little spicy) But sometimes the atmosphere of traditional tattoo studios can be a lot, and we understand that entirely. Since we are built out of a historical house, our layout lends itself to a more private appointment setting than what folks may be used to. 

We are an appointment only studio, and often during appointments our doors remain locked and require a buzz in to access, which helps us maintain the privacy and saftey of artists and clients during the tattoo process!

Want to put in headphones and chill? No problem!

Want to watch a movie or TV show while getting tattooed? Absolutely! 

Brought your gameboy and want to catch some Pokemon while you sit? Hell yeah!

We look forward to booking your appointment soon! 


Rachel Alford

Owner/Resident Artist 

Howdy! I'm Rachel Alford

I grew up in Paducah Kentucky, however I moved away for several years and lived in several different cities during my career as a Theater and Film technician, where I specialized in Costumes and Prop construction.

I returned to Paducah shortly before the Pandemic and started over to pursue tattooing, as I've always been passionate about art and illustration and wanted to continue sharing that with folks in the form of tattoo artistry. 

I love critters, both cute and... maybe not so cute, oddity collecting, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and fueling my never ending and totally not concerning caffeine addiction. 

Call or Text us!


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