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Please don't send a deposit until we've made contact regarding appointments! If you'd like to schedule, please complete a "Booking Form" first and I'll review it!

When booking the app should prompt you to pay a deposit and provide you with instructions on how to do so.  

Please note that deposits are nonrefundable and will come off the final cost of your tattoo. If you attempt to cancel or reschedule with less than 48hr notice, you will need a new deposit to reschedule. Your deposit is good for 2 reschedules, after that you will need to pay a new deposit to keep your appointment or your claimed flash design. This is to prevent excessive shifting of appointments, so please ensure you're serious about booking before reaching out. 

If you do not contact me regarding a cancellation or reschedule and fail to appear, it will be considered a No Call/ No Show and I will be hard pressed to schedule you again if at all. Even if you can't make it, it is common courtesy to let me know.

Tattoo Equipment
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