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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • “Can you tattoo minors?”- No. You must be 18+ to get a tattoo from me.

  • "What do need to schedule and get a tattoo?"- You must have a valid government issued photo ID (passport, drivers license, etc) and be 18 years or older at the time of your appointment.

  • “Do you sell gift cards?”- I DO NOT offer gift cards year round! I will offer them around holidays or events periodically, so keep an eye on social media for updates!

  • “What payment methods do you accept?”-I accept cash and cards!

  • "Can I see my design prior to my appointment?"- No, I'm sorry but due to art theft and general scheduling I draw my pieces within 48 hours of your appointment time and don't show them until you arrive for your appointment. I can accommodate adjustments to designs, but to prevent large scale design overhauls please make sure to give me as many references and specifics as you're able for your piece, I am a tattooist and unfortunately not a psychic! 

  • "Do you tattoo hands/fingers/toes/etc?"- Yes, however these placements are prone to intense premature fading by nature and I don't offer complimentary touch ups on them. I'm happy to do them, but ask that before you schedule, do your research on how they heal. Examples can be found here  or this Instagram Account is a great resource for anticipating how your tattoo will age!

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